Zenitel gives security a voice

Zenitel at IFSEC 08.
Zenitel, international market leader in integrated communication solutions for the professional market, confirms how it gave security a voice last month at IFSEC 2008, the leading global event for the security industry. With nearly 32,000 people attending the show, many identified Zenitel security solutions appropriate to their needs, including the STENTOFON talking CCTV system and the newly designed station range.

Zenitel, with over 60 years of experience in major security and purpose-designed stations and over 100 years experience in wireless communication solutions, is one of the worlds leading, international communication suppliers. Positioned in IFSEC’s Access Control and Security Solutions arena, this year Zenitel heavily promoted one of the most important names in its portfolio, the STENTOFON brand of integrated communication and security systems. STENTOFON, particularly known for its special operations or special purpose stations and quality of sound, helps customers make that one vital call.

Providing voice to the security world,
Zenitel demonstrates the advantages the arrival of IP brings. One example is through the integration of voice and video: STENTOFON is now providing voice to the control room operator permitting the observer to communicate with those outside and those outside to communicate back. We can all appreciate that CCTV working alone is unresponsive and rather limiting in scope. But when you combine CCTV with STENTOFON voice, you create a STENTOFON talking CCTV system which allows operators to instantly converse with individuals they see on screen and for those individuals to speak back.
Using IP, one of the latest ways to communicate back is using Zenitel’s NEW STENTOFON IP Master Stations which deliver Critical Communication over IP (CCoIP®) and plug straight into any point in the network. The newly designed range includes an IP CRM V Master for control room environments, two IP Flush Master stations and an IP Master Station Kit, designed to produce custom IP stations to the highest specifications. In its entirety, Zenitel offers a full IP package which includes IP exchanges, IP sub-stations, IP master stations and IT/IP standards compliance, constituting an integral part of a total security management solution.
Those who migrate voice, data, security and building management systems onto one network, will be particularly impressed with the performance of the accompanying IP exchange. AlphaCom E – Zenitel’s unique IP communications platform that interconnects with a company’s data and telecommunications infrastructure – is claimed by many to be the powerful, stable and configurable intercom system on the market. It is by reconfiguring the AlphaCom E that tailored, perfect customer solutions can be obtained without resorting to rewriting the package each time.

AlphaCom E also opens up
the intercom and internal communications system to outside users of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based equipment and vice versa. The type of SIP equipment capable of being linked include IP and IP-DECT telephones, PC and PDA with soft clients or a telephone adapter linking in ISDN or analogue telephones. The management and operation of the STENTOFON AlphaCom E system can be aligned to these other IT systems, which reduce operating costs and increase efficiencies.