ODIM preferred for the next generation of seismic vessels

“Geo Celtic” was delivered 10 October 2007 (SR 5/2007).
Almost every new seismic vessel launched in the world today has an ODIM system for swift, gentle handling of its streamer and gun-cable systems. Two of the leading operators of such vessels, PGS and Fugro-Geoteam, have chosen ODIM systems for their next generation of vessels.

ODIM is in the progress of delivering complete automated handling systems for two Ramform vessels of third generation to PGS (Petroleum Geo-Services). The vessels are built by Aker Langsten in Norway, and the last systems are due to be delivered in December 2008. The new Ramform vessels can tow up to 22 streamers simultaneously.
– We are proud of the vote of confidence PGS gives us by their choice of ODIM as supplier of automated handling solutions to one of the industry`s most advanced seismic vessels, says Idar Hatløy, Vice President – Seismic at ODIM.
– At the same time, we can note with gratification that PGS has chosen to use our equipment on all the survey ships it has built since its creation in the early 1990s. That makes PGS one of ODIM’s biggest customers since establishment of ODIM, and this relationship illustrates the way the latter company’s business model works. Development of modern technology in close cooperation with the client represents a very important element in the model, he says.
Another of the leading seismic companies that is currently renewing and expanding its fleet is Fugro-Geoteam AS. E. Forland Rederi AS is building two large seismic vessels at Bergen Yards, vessels that will be leased to Fugro-Geoteam. The first vessel in the series, “Geo Celtic”, was handed over to the shipowners in 2007, while the second, “Geo Caribbean”, will be ready for hand over in October 2008. Both the yard and the shipowners believe that these may well be the largest of their type in the world.
– With 12 streamers the type is not the largest in capacity, but with a dead weight tonnage of 4,750 tonnes the type is almost certainly the largest and perhaps best-equipped seismic vessel ever built, is the opinion of David Anderson of Fugro-Geoteam AS, the company leasing the vessel and that has equipped it with seismic equipment from ODIM.
– We have supplied a total aft-deck package with along list of equipment to both vessels, explains Project Manager Kjetil Osborg. – What’s so special about these deliveries are all the equipment is electrically powered and controlled by frequency converters. We have supplied frequency converter controlled equipment previously, but never before on this scale.