A record-breaking Freezer Trawler for the Greenland shipowner Sikuaq Trawl

The new

Greenland shipowner Sikuaq Trawl A/S has again selected a Skipsteknisk design for their new freezer trawler. This is the 5th newbuild design Skipsteknisk provides  for the Christensen family.

With its super efficient capabilities in; towing, processing and freezing of catch, she will set a new record-breaking standard for the Arctic type freezer trawlers. The new «Steffen C» is build number 1066 at Tersan Shipyard, becoming their 9th consecutive ST-designed freezer trawler in less than 4 years. Contractual delivery date is set to 31st May 2016.

The new «Steffen C» is a ST-118 design.  Main dimensions are as follows:

Overall length:                    80,70 m
Length between P.P.:          72,00 m
Breadth moulded:               17,00 m
Depth main deck midship      7,80 m
Depth trawl deck midship    10,80 m
Depth 1st deck midships     13,40 m
Depth 2nd deck midships    16,00 m
The new vessel will be built to class DNV GL rules for fishing vessels and have hull notation +1A1, Ice 1A*
The vessel design has a highly efficient hull shape which reduces hull resistance when sailing in ice or at open sea.

The accommodation and interior outfitting is designed for 32 persons, including the hospital, and are completely insulated for the harsh working environment.

The vessel is fully rigged for pelagic – and bottom trawling, using single or double trawl gear. The winches to be electrically driven and are designed for regeneration of power. The vessel will be outfitted with three (3) working cranes for various operations.

On main deck, there are arranged for high capacity shrimp processing- and pelagic fish roundfreezing lines comprising; graders, shrimp cookers, IQF tunnels, plate freezers, palletizing systems, conveyors and elevators. The design intention of the process deck lay-out and selected equipment for transport and handling is to obtain a system with the largest amount of automation, assisting the employees working in the processing area.  This arrangement is designed to achieve very high throughput with minimum damage, improve employee efficiency all in a clean and safe work area.

All tanks containing fuel oil are of Clean tank design. No effluent oils will be arranged at the vessels shell plating.

The vessel will have the latest in emission Tier 2 certification.  The vessel is powered by one (1) diesel engine rated at approx. 7.000 kW at 750 RPM.  The propulsion vertical offset reduction gear with a 4.000 kW shaft alternator, variable speed, to be designed as the vessels primary electrical power source for utilization of the vessels total installed equipment, winches, processing, fish handling systems, pumps and ships services, etc. Secondary electrical power is provided by two (2) 1600kW medium speed Tier 2 generator sets. Emergency power is provided by one (1) 150kW generator set.

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