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Filter performance: the only option Optimarin conducts third-party filter testing of its suppliers

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Optimarin, the ballast water treatment system provider, today announced that it will conduct independent testing of filters provided by Boll & Kirch, Filtersafe and Filtrex.

“Filter performance is critical to the safe and economical operation of all merchant and offshore vessels. We have decided to test our filter types, each built on different technologies, in challenging water conditions to provide accurate assessments of each filter and to further integrate high performance filtration processes in Optimarin’s specialist BWT technology,” said Tore Andersen, Sales and Marketing Director, Optimarin.

Higher levels of nitrate concentrations in the Yellow Sea east of China and southwest of South Korea have created higher densities of algae, leading to algae blooms – a rapid increase or accumulation in the population of algae in an aquatic system. Algal bloom concentrations may reach millions of cells per milliliter.

Optimarin has commissioned several successful systems in this region, but is now using this opportunity to test all system filters under equal seawater conditions.

Optimarin will set up a test barge close to Busan and Geoje. From here, it will conduct a series of tests on 500 cubic meter filters supplied by its three filter manufacturers Boll & Kirch, Filtersafe and Filtrex.

On-site testing will monitor filter capacity, ensuring that each filter more than adequately cleans and processes large volumes of sea water from this area, as well as guaranteeing reliability of uninterrupted and trouble-free operation.

“Simply we want to, first handedly, evaluate filtration performance in challenging marine environments and apply this experience to further improve and optimize Optimarin’s BWT system performance,” said Andersen.

A number of shipping organisations have submitted a paper to the IMO with a list of concerns over requirements for ships to have ballast water systems installed and voiced market-wide concern about maritime technology delivering on its promises.

Optimarin’s chief technical officer is confident that their BWT system will meet the operational challenges of global shipping and confirms that all tests will be verified by a third-party.

“We will be working with a third-party in all testing. This is to underline our commitment to value-based technology and to distinguish us as a leading suppler of BWT systems. We are pursuing a clearly defined goal: to maintain and extend our position as a market leader in BWT technology over the coming years through top-quality products, to provide first class service and to create simple and flexible, innovative technology, specifically designed to suit the various operational environments of our customers,” said Kurt Steinsvik, Chief Technical Officer, Optimarin.

Optimarin expects to start testing by mid-September.

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