MS "Meddstraum"

The jury's verdict

Ship of the Year 2022 goes to a vessel that not only offers many technical innovations, but also has great transfer value to other vessels in this group, as well as in the maritime sector in general. The project is supported by EU H2020, where, among other things, costs related to research and development are covered.

Publisert Sist oppdatert

Once again, Skipsrevyen's readers and jury will honour a shipping company, a shipyard and designers for setting a new standard in low emission technology. In recent years, propulsion systems in new ships have become increasingly technologically advanced, leading to reduced consumption of fossil fuels and thus reduced emissions of greenhouse gases. This year's winner joins the ranks.

Some facts about this year's winner:

  • Fully electric

  • Will alone reduce CO2 emissions by 1,500 tonnes/year

  • If the technology from this year's winner is transferred to all similar vessels in Norway, emissions will be reduced by 500,000 tonnes/year

  • This year's winner is the first vessel of its kind in the world

  • High propulsive efficiency - 80%

  • Placement of the battery in accordance with new and stricter rules for safety

  • Optimised hull design

  • Weight reduction in all parts of the construction

  • Long operating time

  • The contract sum for the construction of a similar vessel aims to be 25% lower

The jury in Skipsrevyen's Ship of the Year awards this year's prize to "Medstraum".

Congratulations to Kolumbus for their vision and future-oriented work with the project.

Congratulations to Fjellstrand who have built and designed "Medstraum".


Gustav Erik Blaalid (Jury Chair and Publisher)

Lars Gørvell-Dahll (former head of Norsk Industri’s marine industry department)

Sverre Steen (Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

From left: Gustav Erik Blaalid, Lars Gørvell-Dahll and Sverre Steen