New contract for Remontowa

MMC 887 CP design.
Remontowa has entered into a contract with Lewek Shipping Pte Ltd., a subsidiary of Ezra Holdings of Singapore, for the construction and delivery of two Multipurpose Platform Supply Vessels of the MMC 887 CP design.

The vessels will be entirely constructed in Remontowa Shipbuilding (Northern Shipyard) facilities in Gdansk with delivery dates set for first and second quarter 2012. Construction has already started in September 2010 and keel laying has been done last week for both vessels.

The vessels will be able to fulfil general needs of contemporary offshore industry such as carriage of dry bulks, general supplies and liquid mud, general cargo on the open deck as well as special products like methanol.
Measuring 87.90 metres in length and 18.80 metres across the beam, the 5,200 dwt vessels have a spacious deck area exceeding 900 m2 and an accommodation capacity for 60 persons.

In order to conduct oilfield support features, the vessels comply with Fi-Fi 1 and are equipped for oil recovery and safety standby assignments. The vessels are designed so that they can carry out towage and anchor handling duties, thanks to features of the main deck, as well as due to hybrid propulsion drive provided. The combination of electric drive used in supply mode and possibility of engagement of additional power from main engines directly via shaft lines to CP propellers gives the Owners necessary operational flexibility.
DP2 gives adequate station keeping properties. Moreover emphasis has been given to observe regulation of ABS ENVIRO class notation, a clear, internationally recognized credential that can be used to demonstrate Owner’s commitment to operating with minimum adverse impact on the environment.

The new MPSV are being built in accordance with the latest SPS code, and will include facilities that will make the vessels very well suited to other specific tasks and charters, thus increasing its market value.

This year, a series of 23 AHTS was completed with deliveries to top offshore fleet Owners in USA and Europe spread over the 2004-2010 period. New order confirms Remontowa Shipbuilding division position as a major player in building of modern vessels for the offshore.