First International Conference

“The concept worked brilliantly” said Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH (HMC), at the close of the two-day conference on Maritime Security and Defence (MS&D). It was organised by Hamburg Messe and Mönch Verlag, a publishing house based in Bonn, represented by the specialist magazine Naval Forces, and focused on the threat to shipping from piracy and terrorist attacks.

– All three aspects – political, military/strategic, and industrial – were represented by outstanding international speakers, added Bernd Aufderheide. – The combination of these three perspectives is what makes MS&D unique, standing out from all the existing security conferences.
The first International Conference MS&D, held concurrently with SMM, the world’s leading shipbuilding industry fair had better attendance than expected, with nearly 200 delegates from 20 nations, and numerous high-ranking representatives of international navies. Vice Admiral (ret.) Lutz Feldt, Chairman of MS&D, noted that the global nature of SMM was reflected in the high standard of international speakers. – MS&D stood out positively from other events on this subject, he said, – because speakers not only analysed the problem, but also suggested concrete solutions. He also felt it was important that there is a political will to put resources into dealing with this security problem. Jan Wiedemann, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Special Issues of Naval Forces, welcomed the success of the event in bringing together civilian institutions and government authorities. – A successful start to MS&D, said Vice Admiral Feldt.
MS&D will be continued next year, with the first international conference and trade fair “Maritime Security & Defence 2009“, organised by Hamburg Messe, and held at the Hamburg Fair site from 6 to 8 October 2009. The conference is to be accompanied by exhibitors specialising in maritime security and defence. – The strategic goal for this event is to position MS&D in the coming years as the central discussion and information platform for security issues in the maritime sector, said Bernd Aufderheide.