«Ellen Knutsen» brannskadet og i drift

I følge en offisiell pressemelding fra Knutsen OAS Shipping var det brann i maskinrommet på «Ellen Knutsen» onsdag kveld.

Our vessel M/T Ellen Knutsen experienced an engine room fire in the Atlantic Ocean, enroute from Savannah US to Europe. The fire broke out on the 4th of June at 1400 hrs local time (1500 UTC), and was put out by use of the vessels fire fighting system shortly after.

The vessel is presently drifting in good weather in the Atlantic. And, as per requirements, awaiting the necessary cooling period for the crew to enter the engine room, to assess the situation.

There are no injuries onboard and all the 24 crew members

(1 Norwegian, 1 Danish, 1 Russian and 21 Philipinos) are safe and accounted for.

There is no damage to the hull and the vessel has intact stability.

The vessel is loaded with about 14000 m/t of Biodiesel, and has onboard 390 m/t of Fuel Oil, there is presently no risk of pollution.

Update Ellen Knutsen 09.06.2008

The vessel is still drifting, the crew has now been able to ventilate the engine room. The damages seems to be of such nature that it will be necessary to tow the vessel from her present position to port. A tug has been contracted for this purpose and will arrive at the site Wednesday the 11th of June.

All crewmembers onboard are safe and are presently working to restore the conditions onboard.