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Imtech announces that it has been commissioned to provide solutions for platform automation, propulsion & drive, energy distribution, innovative automated bridge systems and navigation & communication onboard various high-tech offshore construction vessels to be used in the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas. The total value of these special vessels contracts amounts to over 50 million euro.

Moreover, these solutions will lead to significant reductions in fuel consumption and environmentally harmful emissions.
The increasing global demand for energy is resulting in the deployment of growing numbers of large offshore construction vessels for the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas in deep waters. The performance demands for these special vessels are resulting in a substantial increase of the technological component on board.
Imtech is one of the few market parties able to offer total solutions in this regard. Furthermore, these types of heavy vessels are facing increasingly strict environmental requirements in the form of low CO2 (carbon dioxide) and NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) emissions. Equipping these types of vessels with innovative environmentally friendly (diesel) electric propulsion makes efficient generation possible. Imtech is able to realise a significant reduction in fuel consumption (between 10 and 20%) and environmentally harmful emissions (between 15 and 20%).

Imtech has received an order from the Sembawang Shipyard in Singapore to provide the environmentally friendly (diesel) electric propulsion, automation and high and low voltage systems onboard the «Borealis», a crane vessel measuring 183 x 46 metres. This unique high-tech vessel will operate in the international oil and gas market for the Norwegian oil service company Nordic Heavy Lift. The «Borealis», with a 5,000-tonne lifting capacity, will be able to install or remove entire topsides at oil and gas platforms. These topsides are used in the processing of oil and gas. She will also be able to perform work at 3,000 metres below sea level. The hull will be built in China, after which Imtech, via its branches Imtech Marine & Offshore (Rotterdam) and Radio Holland (Singapore), will implement and commission the technology.
Imtech also received an order from Seaway Heavy Lifting (head quarters in The Netherlands) to realise, via its Radio Holland branch (Rotterdam), broadband satellite communication, ICT infrastructure, autopilot, alarm, monitoring & control systems as well as various other modern electronic solutions on board the «HLV-5000». The «HLV-5000» is a 183 x 37 metre high-tech offshore crane vessel with a 5,000-tonne lifting capacity currently under construction at the Merwede Shipyard of IHC Merwede in The Netherlands.
Via its HDW-Hagenuk Schiffstechnik branch (Hamburg) Imtech is responsible for the entire technical infrastructure and automation, including the environmentally friendly (diesel) electric propulsion, onboard a new seismological research vessel for Fugro Aberdeen at the Fassmer Werft (shipyard) in Germany. The vessel will be used for research into the detection of new or existing oil reserves in the seabed and the underlying strata.

The Sea Trucks Group has furthermore commissioned Imtech Marine & Offshore (Rotterdam) to realise a major part of the technical infrastructure on board the «Jascon 18», a large floating crane that is also able to lay pipelines in deep waters, and onboard the high-tech offshore construction vessel «Jascon 35». Imtech will be responsible for high and low voltage, energy distribution, propulsion, and navigation & communication. The hull will be constructed in China and the completion will take place in Singapore. Local Chinese and Singapore branches of Imtech (HDW-Hagenuk Schiffstechnik and Radio Holland) are involved in the production, engineering and assembly of all technological solutions.
Imtech will also be responsible for the project management, engineering and commissioning on all special vessels. An important reason why Imtech has been awarded these orders is also that the company has a global maritime network of almost 70 branches, enabling Imtech to provide its clients with support and service worldwide. The orders are executed in close collaboration between the various involved maritime Imtech companies. All projects are scheduled for completion in 2009/2010.