YoungShip February Update

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN: Shipping and the global career markets – some reflections;

Thoughts from the Secretary General; I spent today at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, where a great crowd of maritime students gathered for the annual Sjölog, 2 whole days of career fair and inspirational seminars. This year´s topic was the career markets – doomed by many Swedes. Luckily, our business is a global one. From my perspective, I truly believe that we can still stay (ahead) in the game, even though countries in other regions such as Asia are bigger, cheaper and represent really strong competition moving forward.

In Scandinavia we are few, expensive and we have in some areas lost parts of our position in the global markets. Our only way of facing the competition is by being creative. We need to innovate efficiently, utilize our resources in non-traditional manners, look for the opportunities hidden in between and behind the major challenges.


My challenge to all maritime students and the young executives and colleagues of the maritime industry is think new – now! What can you do to solve the industry´s challenges? Do you hold the answers to ongoing technological puzzles? Do you actively seek better ways of performing your tasks & responsibilities? Do you manage to think outside the box, without worrying about others laughing of your ideas because they don´t get them?

I believe that you can do all of this. But you need to start being aware of all the potentials and opportunities you come across. How can something defined as a problem/challenge, be turned into a great opportunity?

These are exciting times in the global shipping industry. They are exciting for us as young people, as we represent the next generation in so many ways. Let´s challenge the seniors, join forces to change old patterns, and lets think new – innovate! If you work hard, stay focused and really believe in your concepts and ideas, you can actually make it. I don´t claim it´s easy, but wow how fulfilling to chase the unknown in quest for tomorrow´s solutions… What is your idea, your contribution to the industry? We challenge you – what´s your response…?!


GENOA, ITALY: People, Profit, Planet – For a sustainable maritime world:

On February 4th, 2014, the interesting event “People Profit Planet for a Sustainable Maritime World” was held in Genoa at the Galata Museo del Mare. During this event, many young people with a passion for shipping, took part and the young and senior shipping generations got in touch with each other and created a great synergy, in fact the main message, that was given by the spokespersons and was perceived, was to let the young people approach the various fields of shipping and maritime.

The idea to organize «People Profit Planet for a Sustainable Maritime World» was born from the desire of the Association to bring the Museum and the city of Genoa to an international level, focusing on young people and to compare important exponents of the international shipping, with the aim to combine sustainability with economical growth.


This event was designed by the «Associazione Promotori Musei del Mare”, supported by RINA with the sponsorship of YoungShip Italia, Gruppo Giovani di Confitarma (Young Shipowners Association), Costa Edutainment and Coop.Solidarietà e Lavoro.

There was a grand closing, thanks to the great Mr. Efthimios Mitropolous, the seventh IMO General Secretary, who received the award “Premio Promotori Award”. Mr. Efthimios is the symbol of a strong shipping figure, who wants and has always fought for the safeguard of the environment and of the maritime world. Last but not least, Mr. Andrea Garolla , president of Gruppo Giovani Confitarma (Young Shipowners Association) concluded with the following nice motto: “we strongly believe in the young generation”, which underlines the need to focus on young people and to trust them.


DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: YoungShip & WISTA joining forces!

End of February marked the formal partnership between YoungShip Dubai and the Dubai branch of Women´s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA UAE). Co-hosting a launch event on career development in shipping, the two organisations were presented by Jasamin Fichte (WISTA) and Thea Myhrvold (YoungShip) at the Dubai Marina Yacht Club.

Captain Gamal Fekry of Red Sea Marine Management (DMCC) attracted more than 50 participants with his reflections on leadership and how to develop a career in a large corporate world.

This is a part of the global initiative made by WISTA International & YoungShip International to further promote female maritime talents and increase the industry´s attractiveness for the top female resources. The initiative also supports IMO´s global campaign, Women at the Helm, which is directly linked to the United Nations millenial goals for gender diversity. Specifically, the cooperation will result in an increase in the excisting mentor programs, connecting young talents to top executives.