The new interactive fire detection system from Autronica Fire and Security

The Autroprime Group
Autronica Fire and Security AS is presenting the new fire detection system for the merchant ships´ market, bringing simplicity, quality and extensive functionality in one integrated package. The very good news is the achievement of combing high-end features, easy engineering and low life cycle cost.

Fire detection made easy
Simplified calibration – Autronica’s SelfVerify® detectors will automatically perform a calibrated test every 24 hours and verify that the smoke and heat sensitivity is correct and in line with the European Norm. This ensures the end-user’s knowledge that the system will work according to specification every day.
Simplified operation – The detectors are provided with unique built-in addresses, as are all the other loop units. This address will be displayed in case of alarm or a deviation from normal operation and save time in troubleshooting. It will also pinpoint the exact location of the problem.
Simplified commissioning – The installation will automatically read the topology of the loops from the moment you switch on the fire alarm control panel, based on individual data from each loop unit. Further configuration of the system is also easily done, but the system will operate with full functionality from the first initialisation.
Simplified maintenance – The operator will be informed of any potential deviation and the system will calibrate automatically to maintain each detector within the Norm. The operator will know where to aim the efforts, and when, hence save time and money.

Totally integrated solution – one supplier
Autroprime interacive fire detection system with its four loops, finally brings a truly integrated concept to fire safety with its possibility to provide interface to the FlexiFOG® water mist system, or to a third party system, providing a complete fire protection system from a single supplier.