Liferaft designed and tested for Arctic sailing

VIKING has launched a new liferaft container that provides thermal protection for the liferaft inside, so that the liferaft can be activated at temperatures as low as -45°C. This VIKING Arctic liferaft is the only liferaft designed and tested specifically for sailing in Arctic ice-covered waters.

Vessels sailing in Arctic regions face particularly harsh conditions, and can be affected by extremely low temperatures and over-icing. Although SOLAS rules state that liferafts must be tested at temperatures of
-30°C temperatures can plummet much lower in Arctic waters. Should a crew be forced to evacuate from a vessel into their liferaft, it is critical that their liferaft is unaffected by over-icing, or indeed that the liferaft inside the container hasn’t frozen.
VIKING has developed an Arctic liferaft in a specially heated container that ensure that the liferaft can be deployed at temperatures as low as -45°C. A special heating system in the container prevents the container itself from over-icing, and stops the liferaft inside from freezing together.

Simple and efficient
VIKING’s Arctic liferaft container is based on the principle of keeping things simple. In fact, their heater system can be used with existing VIKING cradles and racks, and has "plug and play" installation. One supply box can heat two liferaft containers, and the container is simply plugged into the supply box. External displays and built-in short circuit protection ensure total reliability.
The heater also automatically deactivates when the liferaft inside becomes warm, saving power and protecting the liferaft from overheating.

Certified for Arctic sailing
It complies with MSC Circ 1056, guidelines for ships operating in Arctic ice-covered waters, and is EC and RMRS approved (Russian Maritime Register of Shipping). It is of course also SOLAS approved.