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"BB Green"

The construction of the World’s first 30 knots fast battery powered Air Supported Vessel (ASV) commuter ferry is making good progress.

In Skipsrevyen No 4/2015 we informed about the development of the game changing battery electric ASV commuter ferry - BB GREEN - funded by the European Commission under the 7. Framework RTD program.

The latest news states that all project partners have done a remarkable job in turning the vision of a battery powered 30 knots Zero emission commuter ferry demonstrator into reality. According to plan the vessel will be launched in September and the BB GREEN team can report considerable interest for this new and innovative waterborne transport solution. As soon as the debugging and documented tests have been completed, interested parties and stakeholders will be invited on-board for demonstrations.

The construction yard is BJB / Latitude Yachts, located in Riga, Latvia. The ultra-low resistance ASV hull, patented and IPR ownership: Effect Ships International AS; has been tank tested at SSPA Sweden in Gothenburg. The entire vessel and superstructure have been constructed from vacuum infused carbon, Divinycell sandwich; infused with Vinylester resin. Construction engineering / materials delivered by Diab AS.

The full scale BB GREEN vessel will be 22 m x 6 m and can carry from 60 up to 100 PAX (with / without bicycles). Commercial BB GREEN vessels will have a 400 kWh battery pack. The prototype, developed to prove feasibility of the new concept will have a half size battery (200 kWh).

Project partner Emrol bvba from Belgium has been responsible for developing a new Lithium Ion Titianate battery module, designed for though commercial maritime use, fast charge/recharge and a long life.

Echandia Marine Sweden is the electric drivelines integrator. The vessel will have three main consumers; two 280 kW (continuous rating) motors for pod propulsion and one electric motor to power the ASV lift fan system. The power requirement for the lift fan will be between 40 and 100 kW depending on loading, sea conditions and speed. In a normal scenario approximately 80% of the vessels operational displacement is supported on a cushion of air, reducing the hull / water resistance by as much as approx.40%.

A commercial BB GREEN vessel, with a 400 kWh battery, operated at high speed (25 – 30 knots) will typically have a range between recharging of approx. 14 NM (26 km). Provided sufficient shore power, the battery may be recharged in approx. 20 minutes.

The BB GREEN prototype will be demonstrated “on route” around Europe – schedule will follow.