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Aker PSV 06 LNG
Aker PSV 06 LNG

Having secured a long-term charter with StatoilHydro, DOF ASA return to Aker Yards for their most future-oriented PSV ever. In a long line of high tech/high spec features, PG-MACS is a most central part of this vessels comprehensive, and attractive specification.

PG has secured another major contract for their PG-MACS concept combined with a comprehensive liquid cargo system of regular technology. This new order also covers an eight-tank PG-MACS-configuration, in which the vessel will have full Multi-cargo facilities such as Drilling Cuttings, Dry Bulk, Liquid Cargo and NOFO 2005 Recovered Oil features.

Both environmental aspects, and not least the ships very dynamic cargo flexibility are significantly enhanced through this installation, and combined with the novel LNG power plant represent a most futuristic oriented ship concept in total. PG share the great expectations of Aker Yards and DOF ASA for this development, which is a true benchmark for future oriented ship designs.

Both oil companies and operators for waste treatment increasingly realize the major benefits offered from the PG-MACS solution, and demand is rising strongly.
The vessel is due to be delivered in 2010. The selected solutions and engine systems for the new and modern platform supply vessel are a response to the focus on more environmental cautious ship transportation of various bulk cargos, liquids and equipment to and from offshore locations world wide.
The vessel will be equipped with dual fuel engines able to run on both LNG and ordinary marine diesel. By using environmentally friendly LNG propulsion, the engines can reduce NOx emissions by 85-90 percent in addition to significant reductions of CO2 emissions. The patent pending design solution is unique because the LNG tank does not reduce cargo capacity for the vessel, rather the new design has a higher cargo capacity than other vessels of the same size.

Technical information
Type of vessel Aker PSV 06 LNG MACS
Design: Aker Yards Project
Length: 94.90 m
Beam: 20.00 m
Deadweight: 5,000 t
Main engines: 3 X 2 500 kW LNG
Speed: 16 knots

PG-MACS features
Drill Cuttings 500m3
Dry bulk 1,150m3
Recovered oil 2,400m3


So far PG has secured a total of more than 90 units which are all manufactured in PG Construction AS, the company’s inhouse production site. Evaluations are running for local Brazilian fabrication.