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A new searchlight control system that is easy to install


The new Searchlight Control System (SCS) gives the operator optimized working conditions. It is easy and cost-effective to install. You can connect up to nine searchlights to the same panel. The system also gives you the possibility to spot objects by sweeping a larger area around the ship.

Easy with wireless control
Norselight has developed a system to better the working conditions for the operator. The control system has three possibilities to control the searchlight. The wireless Control system is easy to use and is designed for outdoor marine environment. Norselight deliver equipment meant for arctic environment.
You can choose to control the searchlight directly from the control panel. Diodes mark where the light points in 360 degrees. The backlight on the panel is dimmable. You can also control the searchlight via a computer. Special software from Norselight is developed for running on a standard computer.

Save time and money
With the three controller options and the possibility to combine up to nine searchlights it is less time consuming and easier to handle the searchlights. With only one single LAN connect (local area network) between each unit, you reduce risk and installation time, and fewer staff is needed to complete the installation.
Automatic sweep function from the Computer-control: With the new system it’s possible to carry out rescue operations by using the searchlights to sweep the surface for objects automatically. The crew can carry out other tasks, while the sweep function scans the horizon as a preventive measure.

Respect for the environment
Norselight has developed marine lighting and control systems for more than three generations. The company’s products are designed and manufactured for extreme environmental conditions. Lighting equipment produced Norselight for more than 30 years ago is still in use.
– Our searchlights are produced in saltwater resistant aluminium. Aluminium is more easily and nature friendly recycled than steel and our products adhere to RoHS directive, states Ulf Ørum Jonassen of Norselight.